Current Graduate Students


Austin Clayton (MS Candidate)

Logan West (PhD Aspirant)

Yang Peng (PhD Candidate)

Woong Mo Koo (PhD Aspirant)

Jinyu Zhang(PhD Candidate)

Rattanaporn Fongngern (PhD Candidate)

Valentina Marzia Rossi (PhD Candidate)

German Merletti (PhD Aspirant)

Rene Winter (PhD Aspirant)



Completed Graduate Students


Moonsoo Brian Shin (MS 2015; Now at UT)

Woong Mo Koo (MS 2015; Now at UT)

Sarah Bateman (MS 2015; Now at Southwestern)

David Conwell (MS 2015; Now at Anadarko)

Jeremy Slaugenwhite (MS 2015; Now at BHP)

Julio Leva Lopez (PhD 2014; Now Asst. Professor, Lamar University)

Eugen Tudor (MS 2014; Now at Hunt Oil)

Nataleigh Vann (MS 2013; Now at BHP)

Josh Dixon (PhD; Now at BP)

Manasij Santra (PhD;)

Chris Armstrong (MS; Now at Southwestern)

Anjali Fernandes (PhD;)

Daniel Pinkston (MS; Now at Statoil)

Allison Ned (MS; Now at BHP)

Ozge Karaman (MS; Now at TPAO)

Ashley Bens (MS 2011; Now at BP)

Andrew Petter (PhD 2010; Now Post-doc. Researcher, University of Minnesota)

Carla Sanchez (PhD 2010; Now at ConocoPhillips)

Carolina Gomez-Veroiza (PhD 2010)

Carlos Uroza (PhD 2008; Now at ConocoPhillips)

Jennifer Aschoff (PhD 2008; Now Assc. Professor, University of Alaska Anchorage)

Stuart Blackwood (MS; Now at Chevron)

Cristian Carvajal (PhD; Now at Chevron)

Georgia Huggins (MS; Now at BP)

Sarah Milewski (MS; Now at ConocoPhillips)

Ariana Osman (MS; Now at BP)