Active Research Consortia:

RioMAR (formerly WOLF): RioMAR continues to focus on (a) the river mouth, the delta and its ability to deliver sediment out onto the shelf and to the deepwater slope beyond the shelf break, and (b) the sedimentary lithology and architecture of the outer shelf, the shelf edge and of the entire shelf-margin prism. Our work emphasizes the process linkage between shelf, slope and basin floor as shown at right.

BITE (Bars in Tidal Environments): Tidal bars are the fundamental building block of the deposits formed in almost all tidal environments. The project investigates systematically the range of characteristics of these bars, in order to provide: criteria for their recognition; insight into the factors that control their variability; documentation of their preserved 3D geometry and size; and, criteria by which the location in which each type formed can be inferred. We are also interested in the relationship between tidal influence (tidal range and tidal current strength) and rising/falling sea level.


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