Research statement:

The Dynamic Stratigraphy Workgroup uses stratigraphic and sedimentologic data to disentangle the allogenic and autogenic responses to sediment flux, climate, tectonics and sea-level forcing in the rock record.

Dr. Ronald J. Steel

Professor and Davis Chair

E-mail: RSteel@jsg.utexas.edu

Phone: (512) 471-0954


Dr. Cornel Olariu, Research Associate

E-mail: cornelo@mail.utexas.edu

Phone: (512) 471-1519

Dynamic Stratigraphy News


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Ron Steel, Cornel Olariu, Manasij Santra, and Andy Petter presented at the Norwegian Petroleum Society Conference “From Depositional Systems to Sedimentary Successions on the Norwegian Continental Shelf” in Stavanger, Norway, May 4th-6th, 2010.


The Dynamic Stratigraphy Workgroup was involved in a number of presentations at the recent AAPG/SEPM Annual Meeting in New Orleans, April 11th-14th, 2010.


           Laboratory-scale channel formation by sheet-like density underflows: A.M. Fernandes, J. Buttles, D. Mohrig, R.J. Steel, and S. Henriksen


           Process and architectural evolution during deltaic cross-shelf transits — Fox Hills Deltas, Washakie Basin, Wyoming: M.I. Olariu, C. Carvajal, R.J. Steel, C. Olariu


           Decoupling allogenic forcing from autogenic processes: clastic and carbonate experimental stratigraphy: W. Kim, A. Petter, B.W. Fouke, T.M. Quinn, C. Kerans, F. Taylor, D. Mohrig, C. Paola


           Delta architecture and process variability during cross-shelf transits; autogenic and allogenic responses: C. Olariu, R.J. Steel


           Basin-fill geometry of Eocene Tyee Basin — from fluvial deposits to extensive sand-rich basin floor fans: M. Santra, R. Steel, M.L. Sweet


           Source-to-sink sediment volumes within a tectono-stratigraphic model for a Laramide shelf-to-deepwater basin: C. Carvajal, R.J. Steel


           Miocene shelf-edge delta behavior and influence on deepwater slope morphology, Northwest Shelf of Australia: C.M. Sanchez, R.J. Steel, C.S. Fulthorpe, J.A. Austin

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